Documentation of my thesis exhibition "Josephine"

This show was the culmination of two years of hard work, evaluating, re-evaluating and some intuition. It's been an exciting and challenging two years in a lot of ways but CalArts was a really incredible place to spend this time. I've never been to another place quite like this one. Okay.. before I get too sappy. 

Josephine had 10 - 40 x 50 inch black and white photographs, 1 - 20 x 30 inch photograph, two handmade perfect bound books titled Josephine and a spatial 5 channel sound piece titled 40 Hang Ups which had the sound of a phone hanging up moving from speaker to speaker overhead. 

Five weeks to graduation. Time to do some building, bookmaking, reading, researching and thinking about what is next. Till then...



beginning of the end (of grad school)

And this marks the beginning of the end.

Who knew two years could pass so quickly. Well nearly two years anyway. This time has been spent wisely, not wisely, reflectively, out spokenly, and a million other adverbs and probably a few adjectives. 

It's really bittersweet and I'm feeling pre-nostalgic. Not for the hustle and stress but for the learning and access. To amazing people both fellow learners and teachers, the community at large and the facilities that help me produce all the things rolling around and competing in my head for attention, time and innumerable hours.

That being said, I need to release my pre-nostalgia and keep my head down. The opening of my final exhibition / graduation show at CalArts is Thursday, March 31st in D301 Gallery.  

I feel like I need one of those giant countdown clocks. Except that sounds terribly basic so instead I'll just say three months and all the murkiness will be cemented. 

As always when I make one of these infrequent posts, I'm in an update phase of my website. This time with the help from Sydney Brown ( a talented photographer and friend. 

I write this as I'm  sitting in the basement of CalArts scanning roll after roll of negatives by myself.

As I look forward I'm invested in exploring what it means to long. Where there are wholes in it and how the reality often isn't as spectacular as the fantasy. 


And that seems as good a time as any to stop. 

Bergamot Station Exhibitions

School is over for the year (insert a sigh of relief) and I'm finally back out in LA exploring the art world. On Saturday, I went to two really enjoyable openings at Craig Krull and Hannah Sloan Projects which are both located at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. I feel like I should write something more specific but alas I'll leave it at that. 

I'm working on a curation project this summer along with my own work. Now that I have some free time I am trying not to squander it by binge watching netflix. Even if it is tempting. 



 Michael Deyermond - a similar work is currently on view at Craig Krull - this sums up how I feel at the moment.

Michael Deyermond - a similar work is currently on view at Craig Krull - this sums up how I feel at the moment.

Installation of Mid-Res Show

My show is done! What a quick event. You install and then it basically comes down. How exhausting/exciting/crazy. I have a lot of coals in the fire at the moment. It's that crazy part of the semester where everything ramps up at the same time but more soon. xx

In celebration of...

my second semester in grad school I've actually started updating this site. I'm terrible.

I added some new work and some medium new work. I've added one of the short videos that will be in my upcoming (January 10th - 16th) mid-residency show at Cal Arts in D300 as well as the three images although they look much different in person, in my opinion. 

I'll post some pictures of the exhibition early next week. It's always exciting to see the install.