Happy Holidays...and other things

The semester is over! It ended last week on Friday, I handed my last paper in on Saturday and then flew out on Sunday. Talk about exhausting. I finally feel rested and ready to start tackling things that I have been putting off, especially since I'm pretty much done all of my holiday shopping.

I know the progress has been slow, which is all my fault, but I should have a mess of new work up here in the next few days. I'm excited to be home but unfortunately I haven't really been doing anything. I leave in the morning while it is dark for work and get home in the evening after work and, surprise surprise, it is already dark. It kind of hampers any photographic excursions. Saturday I am definitely going to do something, though. I have not decided what yet but I will adventure if it kills me. At first I was considering taking a trip up to Rochester to see the Eastman house which has an incredible collection of photography.  However, it is a six hour drive and the reality of the situation is I haven't seen my parents in five months and I can't justify spending a night away when I am only spending a few days with them. Also, it is cold. Therefore, the trip will have to happen over the summer when I have a little more time.

I may just drive to Ridley Creek State Park and walk around with my camera. Sunday I'm photographing Livi, my favorite two year old model, and her friend Gianna. I'm looking forward to taking some fun photos of them.

The moral of the story is that work is to come.