End of my back East adventure

 My trip to New York finally got eventful today. I planned on going to the Brooklyn Museum of Art but it wasn't open so I headed to the Guggenheim. They have a Maurizio Cattelan piece titled "All" which is really just a full collection of his work up until now. 130 pieces hanging from the ceiling in a cluster of confusion. Here is a link to the New York Times article on the exhibit. On one hand it was really interesting to see all the pieces, but on the other hand it was so distracting to view the worksin this salon-style. Photos below. I really enjoyed going to the Guggenheim, though. I'm almost ashamed to say it but that was my first time (even though I have been to the Met about a million times and it is neighbors with the Guggenheim). I specifically enjoyed seeing the Kandinsky pieces and this one Roy Lichtenstein painting (shown below).


Girl with tear - Roy Lichtenstein

Kandinsky - The White Border

Wednesday I'm going to the Brooklyn Museum of Art (specifically to see the Judy Chicago- Dinner Party piece) and then going shopping in Midtown with the brother. Then flying back to SF Thursday. What a world wind tour. More pictures to come. I'm having a good time here.