Catch up - 5/18/2010 to 1/28/2011

As I am switching websites, I wanted to transfer my original blog over to this new site. So that unforutnately leaves me with the arduous task of transfering all of the information over. I say arduous, but in reality I have only posted around 10 blogs in the past year. Here are all of the text blogs that I posted within that time. I will repost all of the images from my 365 project in the next blog post.

06. Twitter - 01/28/2011

Originally I was against Twitter. I tried to get into it a few times but lost interest within a few weeks, but now that has all changed. Besides the inherently vain aspect of Twitter, if harnessed correctly, there is a lot of interesting information. I am now following loads of artist networks, museums, newspapers, critics etc who generally lead to me to some very interesting news. On my own It would take me so much longer to find out all this information.

So that is my almost irrelevant plug (?) for Twitter. The question mark is there because I'm not positive if I am actually plugging Twitter or just me justifying my use.

In other news, I have taken to crocheting. I have made two scarves and 4 hats in the last month.


05. -01/21/2011

Hello 2011!

It has been an upward climb but everything has been sent out and I am officially playing the waiting game. Sometime between now and (I'm guessing) March 15 I will know where I am heading.

As the project I started last year is just an extention of a longer project I am moving towards my greater goal.

I will elaborate soon - Io promesso.


.04 - 12/01/2010

So much has happened. My graduate school application is nearing completion. I am just waiting for my recommendations to be mailed and I have to complete my portfolio (easier said then done). It was a tough decision starting a new project so close to the deadline but I am happy with my decision and feel like it is more representative of where my work is moving.

The decision to go to graduate school has been tough like most life choices. Not because I feel like this is the wrong path for me. Quite the opposite, for the first time I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. That I am finally not settling. I just have all these outside sources telling me that EVERYONE is going to get their masters in this economy and that I will leave buried in debt. That I should get work expierence and build my resume, etc etc.

Is there a point to building my resume in communications, though, when I desperately want to pursue photography?

There are no guarantees, but I would rather take those leaps of faith instead of questioning "What if?"


03. 06/11/2010

I am in a bit of a funk from this week. I very quickly started a new stage in my life with very little breathing time or a suitable adjustment period (whatever that may be...).

I graduated from university, took the almost cliche cross country road trip, and began the descent into corporate America. Where swipe cards and cubicles become common place and I more than likely do not fit in. Not to say I am not qualified for my job. I am. I am just not mentally stimulated by my job and I find that when I get home I feel spiritually drained.

That being said I cannot let this detain me from the pursuit of my life's ambitions. Yes, at 22 I have a bucket list. I don't want to regret. Therefore, I cannot allow myself to continue this funk beyond this week. It is time for me to sort out the basement, refresh my darkroom chemicals and barrel forward with things that I find meaningful.

I will not allow myself to squander away this time shamelessly and numbly watching television after I come home from work due to a lack of anything more creative to do or the will to do it.

I have a big weekend ahead of me. The time frames on my life have evaporated. This isn't a four month break from school but rather a Summer that will melt into Fall with very little constraints. I honestly have nothing that needs to be done besides repaying my loans and keeping up with my bills. I must not get lazy and complacent. It is good to feel content with where you are but there is always something better and my personality strives for the something better, craves it, and feels disappointed when I don't have it.

I also easily get stir crazy. My family has trained me from a young age to move. I am a nomad by nature and the thought of being stuck in this house for so long feels weird. I must make a space for myself that feels good to work in and makes me want to work in it.

Pictures of the renovation to come. Wish me luck on this new chapter of my life.


Solo Exhibition 5/18/2010

My first solo exhibition went off without a hitch. Thank you to everyone that came by and all the support that I have received. I’m excited to move on to some new projects and with this showing of Falling Flat I feel it is a perfect time to pause this project for a bit and come back to it with fresh eyes after creating some new work. I will post some images from the exhibition shortly and it will be up until Friday.

In other news, I am excited to travel this week and next week and to take some time to travel out West. It seems silly that I have never seen California but somehow I have been to Europe three times.

New inspiration, new worlds, and new photos to come. I am bringing 4 cameras, a whole mess of film, and no preconceived notions.