Website Renovation and life thoughts

I vastly under estimated the work that was going to go into a website renovation. As I struggle through it I'm sure the site will change from day to day. I have been consumed by work and other things and as such have not shot any new images this week. That being said, I obviously failed at any attempt to upload a perfected image every day. I just don't have that amount of free time while working full time and trying to perpare to move cross country. A more realistic project may be a 52 project where I post an image a week. I think I like the idea of that better. I'll probably shoot next weekend as a lot of my friends are coming in from out of town for a BBQ so I will have a house load of eager models.

I am now 23. It is strange to think about. It almost seems like there a mess of things I should be doing as a 23 year old. As though there is some kind of trajectory that I am not quite on. I am working towards my goals, but sometimes I feel like I'm not working hard enough. I'm not networking enough. Not uploading enough images. Not handing out enough business cards.

How does one become successful?

How does one become an artist?

I see these twenty somethings online that are photographing for Vogue, the 15 year old fashion designer, a 17 year old that draws cartoons for The New Yorker. I'm not necessarily jealous, but I am confused. We watch these television shows and read the articles about  people that were one day discovered and if it happened to them, it can happen to you. But is that the truth? Or just one of those lies to keep the masses in check and working peaceably. Sometimes I wonder.

Is the American Dream something that can still be considered a realistic and reachable goal. Or does hardwork not always pay off? Is the industry too saturated with talented, young or old, people to really need new talent? Or is there room for one more? Am I being vain to think that I shouldn't settle on something less than my dream?

Or, does it really matter? Does life have to be gauged on such a large scale or can people be content with local success and with a handful of appreciative critics?