Shooting Nudes in a New City

I'm making a concerted effort to post on here more. I tend to journal a lot of my thoughts, but it isn't a bad idea to move some of those musings online so her goes.

I have recently started a new project where I'm shooting very straight forward nudes of men and women from the belly button to mid-thigh (or in other terms of vaginas and penises). I don't want to talk about it too much, yet, but I am trying to show that the basis of gender roles and the constrictions that come along with those it is purely biological. More about that later. Right now I really want to talk about process.

It has been an interesting expierence moving to a new city and trying to find new models that are willing to pose nude. I have noticed a pattern in the four people (it will be five tomorrow) that I have shot. I have interacted with each of them once and then the second time we met they posed nude for me. It has added an interesting dimension to the work as I am a veritable stranger to them and they are to me. There comfort can be seen by the way their hands twist at their sides, the conversations we have, and their clothing removal method. I have found the whole thing intensely interesting. It is almost like a performance piece that I am not only participating in but viewing as well.

I can't wait to get some new work up here. A friend of mine is helping me to re-do my whole website (again) so new things will be coming soon.

I also shot some images at a commemoration for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, which happened last weekend. It was really a beautiful expierence and Ben Wood, a British visual artist based in San Francisco, projected a video on the side of the church at USF commemorating the event. I will be editing those this weekend and I'll be sure to post a couple of images.