Big, Exciting Update!

My Post-Bacc year has ended at SFAI and I went out with a bang. I won the Post-Bacc award for two of my pieces in the Spring Show at the Diego Rivera Gallery, which was an excellent way to close the year.

I'm excited for what is to come with this new body of work and desperately need to get it online. This website is now Number 1 on my list of Things to do. As anyone who knows can say, I religiously makes lists and swear this is high on it. I have been too neglectful due to visitors and school and work. But no more! I'm back in the studio (figuratively as my studio is now my bedroom when I push the bed out) and back to work. Expect some new pieces soon and I'm moving forward with the ideas of manipulating flesh and the body.

In other news, I just got a piece, my favorite of my new work in fact, into an exhibition titled Doing Your Dirty Work at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. The opening is on Friday, August 4th and it runs until Saturday, September 1st. One of the longest shows I have ever been in and I couldn't be more pleased. The acceptance letter said that there were over 700 submissions from 17 different countries and I'm truly honored that my work made the cut. I will get that body of work online shortly, I'm having some technical formatting difficulties, as well as some brand new work!

I have to say, making the choice to be an artist is not an easy one. It is a very hard and unpredictable path. However, I truly feel as though things are starting to fall into place. I need to run with this momentum and apply to more exhibitions. I want to boost my CV, work like a maniac and then reapply to graduate schools that have larger grants and scholarships available so that getting an MFA does not become a financial burden. I truly enjoyed my time at SFAI and I grew a lot after working closely with some amazing artists, but the year was enough and I'm looking to other schools to obtain my MFA.

That all being said, expect a big update.