Happy Pi Day

It's 3/14...i.e. Pi Day. Coincidentally I also watched Life of Pi today. It was really beautiful and if you, the mysterious possible readers of my website, have not yet seen it, I highly recommend it.

I'm currently juggling quite a few projects. My website has recently been overhauled and I'm going to be putting up some brand new work really soon (hopefully by the end of the week). I'm screenprinting some canvas bags for my new Etsy shop. I'm going to make some more Matriarch bags.

This is a close-up (hence the wrinkles) of one of the bags. This is an old photograph of my grandmother when she lived in Brooklyn. I believe it was taken in the 60s. As you can probably tell from the photograph she is A. a complete badass and B. had rocking style in coats.

I have a ton of great photos of my family from the 50s and 60s. I need to scan more of them in so I can do something with them.

I'm applying to get in to an exhibition. I'm also applying for a few things, doing research and simulatenously trying to have a social life. I can't believe it is already March. It seems like the days/ weeks/ months are just flying by.

In a month I turn 25. I think I need to spend the last little glimpses of this quarter century by drowning myself in work.

And here is some artistic inspiration before I finish. Please enjoy Julia Randall. I am blown away by what she can do with colored pencils. She is able to render some really beautiful tones.