Whole new look!!

It's funny, my friend Kate and I spent all this time trying to update the last version of my site and all of that just went out the window when I upgraded my account. So far, I'm way more into this new version. The templates are a lot easier to manage and it's a lot more dumbed down for those of us who aren't CSS/HTML masters.

I'm in the middle of fixing the layout and I have been working tirelessly on creating new images for a few shows I'm applying to. These will all be on the website in the near future. I know I'm a broken record with all of this but it's the truth...new images soon. Wish me luck on getting into the shows...and that I don't stupidly miss any deadlines.


In the meantime, I just saw The Clock by Christian Marclay at SFMOMA. Here is an article about the video installation from the New York Times. It is in incredible. I can't emphasize this enough. I would like to go back during one of the 24 hour showings in May and try to sit for as long as I can. As it states in the article, it is impossible to lose track of the time. The whole thing is fascinating. I didn't lose interest once. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with short (all are less than 1 minute and each clip reflects the time of the minute of the day) clips that are constantly referring back to the minute and hour of the day. The visuals and sounds overlapping also made me a little anxious, will the clip continue, is the ominous music going to lead to something dramatic or will it just fade into another clip? If you are in the San Francisco area I highly recommend waiting in line to see this. It's an unusual experience, to say the least, and well worth the admission price. Plus, SFMOMA is about to close in June until 2016 while they renovate and expand. So time is of the essence. However, according to the website, "However, nothing will stop us from presenting great art. We are developing a dynamic slate of collaborative and traveling museum exhibitions, site-specific installations, outdoor commissions, and neighborhood festivals that will unfold throughout the Bay Area and beyond during construction." so we won't be completely without our modern art fixes (although we can't forget there also galleries).

There is also an amazing AND beautiful AND every other word that describes an awe inspiring piece of work by Jenny Saville. It's amazing to see pieces like this in person. The scale, paint layering and subject matter are incredible and Saville is a huge inspiration in my personal work (although I found out about her after I had already begun my obsession with flesh).  Anyway, the point of this story is...go look at art.

 Hem by Jenny Saville, 1999, 120 in. x 84 in.

Hem by Jenny Saville, 1999, 120 in. x 84 in.