New blog

A friend and I are starting a lifestyle blog. We're beginning a very low key version via wordpress and then as we, hopefully, build momentum will turn it into a thriving .com. In the vein of other lifestyle blogs we want to start documenting projects that we have been doing and would do anyway. As such, I need to make a more of a concerted effort so that my personal website does not fall at the wayside. I have the tendency to overfill my plate and neglect certain important projects. I legitamately have a ton of new work that I could...and should post here. I'll try to make that a priority it this week.

I'll post a link to the blog when it is more established and the first posting is up. We are currently designing the logo and other necessary, but not terribly exciting housekeeping type items.

My car will be out here in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited at the prospect of more weekend trips away. I'm planning to visiting Sonoma, Mendocino, Big Sur etc before moving to Los Angeles. I have this unquenchable urge to just see and visit everywhere and I can't wait to wake up early with my camera and go. For a photographer, I haven't been shooting nearly as much as I should. I've come to this crossroads where I feel like every photo I take has to be so conscious and planned out. I miss just shooting for the sake of shooting. Taking pictures of my friends and my adventures and my surroundings. I need to get back to that.